i sveikata!

Added on by Victor Yañez-Lazcano.

The time has come to further diversify my ever-growing collection of music.  As some of you may now know, I do my best to share a track a day, every once in while taking a break to let the library breathe. Now my library and I are ready for more.  This is a result of a few things, but for the most part I would simply like to branch out to grow as a listener of all things wonderful.  My prescription is as follows… a few times a week I will feature a track shared with me by another musically addicted cohort.  My goal is to eventually coordinate a week long online music posting residency that follows similar guidelines that I have set forth for myself.  Already the two posts that have been shared have nurtured this desire for more goodness.  The posts will be easily identified as “Be my guest” posts.  Thanks again for listening! i sveikata!!(that is cheers in Lithuanian and no I am not Lithuanian!)