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V-day is right around the corner and I thought it only appropriate to spread some love by switching it up a little bit on the blog.  For You(You) of course.  So, over the next five weeks I will be sitting shotgun as a set of fresh “Be My Guest” bloggers take the wheel.  I will be trying something new by having guest diggers pair up with guest writers, you know to spread The Love just a little more.  My desire to share the site with these guests is mostly a result of the flood of wonderful that has followed me back from Los Angeles.  This flood of wonderful has also resulted in the creation of a mix called Shot(s) in the Dark : Songs for a  The mix and artwork will be made available on February 13, online and in person, at the Smart Museum of Art, where I will be curating music live for Matt Austin’s Perch residency as a part of the museum’s  At the Threshold series.  All the songs, along with the four collages created, were selected and organized with You(*You) in mind.  So stay tuned, listen close, enjoy the thoughts, the rambles and do your best to have a great day everyday. You(You) probably deserve it.

*You know who you are.